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Who is your favorite band?

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

I play music, and I enjoy listening to music a lot as well. I like many different kinds of music, too.

I like jazz, classical, rock, pop, K-Pop country, bluegrass… many kinds.

I think I like songs that have a story or at least very interesting ideas to the lyrics and have some good harmonies.

I really like songs with multiple harmonies – especially acapella.

I’m not really sure who my favorite group is, but I really like the Eagles.




How about you?

In the comments below, please answer these questions:


1. Who is your favorite group?

2. What are they most famous for (which song, which album)?

3. Why do you like them so much?

Who is your super hero?

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

So, some people who know me already know that I am a comic book and super hero fan.

I’m sure I’m not alone in that. Everyone at one time or another in their life wishes they had some super power, or powers, or at the very least had the private number for a super hero who would come and help them out.

I don’t think I would look so good in a cape, but I still think it would be cool to be a super hero.

What about you? Wouldn’t you like to be a super hero or have one you could call any time to help you?


In the comment section below tell me Who Is Your Favorite Super Hero:

  1. – Who is your super hero
  2. -What is there best super power
  3. -Why are they your favorite

Golden Week Holiday is coming

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Next week we will celebrate Golden Week. It’s probably the holiday most looked forward to in Japan by Japanese and foreigners alike.

It’s a great time to get away, or to sort of reset yourself as the semester is just getting under way.

For me, usually it’s a little too soon in the semester, and I would prefer going on with classes to keep things moving along.

However, it’s not really up to me 😉

So, we have the holiday – and we have to take it – dagnabbit 😉 So, I will, and I will enjoy the time with my family, but I do not plan on going any where.

How about you?

Please leave a comment to tell me what you will do for Golden Week.

Passwords, personal stuff, and protection

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

It has happened again. It’s happened several times already to others.

It Can Happen To You.


It has happened to me, too. Not too long ago, someone got my gmail password. Not easy to do. I was lucky though. I caught it quickly, and fixed it, but it was scary, and embarrassing, and it made me angry.

Your Twitter, Facebook, email password can be stolen. With that information people can contact all of your friends, pretending to be you.

That’s bad. That’s not the worst part though.

Why are they contacting them?

To get them to visit sites that help them earn money, deliver viruses, or worse, steal your friends’ personal information.

Please take your password security seriously.

Quick tips:

  1. Make it at least 8 characters long.
  2. Use letters, numbers, some capital letters, some lower case, or special characters if possible. Something like 8FiU4#29P
  3. Don’t use words of any kind, not English, not Japanese, not any thing that is actually a word.
  4. Don’t use personal information – birthday, student number etc – yours or other family members, friends etc
  5. Change it regularly.

Try putting together a sentence to help you to remember your password.


I Have been 2 ToKyo Disney c 9 Xs

If you have problems with your password, or accounts, always be sure to check that your contact email address is still set to your address. (hackers/thieves often change that address so they can just click the Lost Password button after you change it and they (not you) get sent the new password, and your are locked out again)

It can happen to you.

I said that already.

But, it’s important. It’s inconvenient, yes, but not as inconvenient as having your account broken into…

Do it now, okay?

Have questions? Just ask. I’m happy to help if I can.

Who’s your favorite Super Hero?

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Okay, so since I posted the I loved the movie Batman (the newer series more than the old one, though I’ve watched the original Batman movie based on the TV series at least 20 times 🙂 ) I thought it would be interesting to see what you guys think about Super Heroes and who is your favorite.

I like the super heroes who are flawed (not perfect) and still feel the need to do the right thing, to help others and use their powers and abilities to help people who can’t help themselves. That’s why I think Batman is one of my favorites.

Bruce Wayne has all the money he could ever need, but he still thinks that there are things he can do, must do, as Batman that he is unable to do as a wealthy businessman.

I also like the idea that with time and resources someone can do amazing things if they are dedicated to doing that.

Let me know what Super Heroes you like, and why.

Just write a short comment to tell me the Super Hero and the things you like the most about them.