A special visitor in our garden

May 18th, 2017

The weather is definitely getting warmer and we’re seeing more and more of the critters and creatures are out and about. We’ve seen several sets of Coypu in the river behind our house. (Have photos and some video but the quality is not so good. I’ll try to clean that up and post it later if possible.)



I’ve seen a number interesting creatures on my walks as well.

It’s not great video, but here’s a few seconds of two butterflies I met today.

A fun little language app and a tip for using it

May 11th, 2017

I’ve always loved using technology for study and learning. There are a ton of fun things out there to use, but I recently started using one that has been around for quite a time but I just started using it. You might know it. It’s called Duolingo

There are some fun languages there to try, but there are also some other cool ways to use this app for your study, especially if you’re learning English. You can choose the language you want to use to control and manage the app and be your base language.

So, for fun, try to learn a little Spanish, or Italian, or French, and use it in English. This will help you to focus more on the new language and use English for doing it. You don’t have to really worry about what you are actually learning. Just focus on using English for the process.

There is also a companion app called TinyCards. There are lots of fun things there too besides the companion cards for the Duolingo courses. TinyCards is a flashcard app. There’s also audio with the cards. It’s fun, and it works. Give it a try.

I did the courses for American Sign Language for the alphabet and for some basic words in sign language. I also saw cards for state capitals, bones, anatomy, Greek Mythology and many other fun looking topics. Playing with those flashcards is certainly more productive than slinging birds at stuff…




Who is your favorite singer or group?

April 27th, 2017

For me it is really not easy to pick just one singer, or one group that is my favorite.

It really depends on the time, my mood even.

If you were told you could only listen to one singer, or group, for the rest of your life, who would that be?

I would probably choose The Eagles. I can’t imagine not ever being able to hear their music again. I could live with just about any of their Greatest Hits albums. I’m particulary fond of Greatest Hits 71-75, but later collections were also pretty solid. So many good songs to choose from!

Please comment below and tell me who your favorite singer or group is and what song or album of theirs is your favorite, too.

Time for another Super Hero question!

April 27th, 2017

I am a big fan of super hero movies. Soon there will be a new Wonder Woman movie, which I’m looking forward to seeing, and several others, especially those from Marvel.

I think we all need heros, even if they’re not super heros.

How about you?

In the comments below, please tell me who your favorite super hero is and why.

Spring is almost finished

April 27th, 2017

Golden Week will be here soon and then Spring will be almost gone. Mostly I feel like spring has passed when the cherry blossoms are all gone.

This week there are only a few blossoms left on the trees and the streets and walkways are littered with the petals of the blossoms looking like snow. It’s still beautiful out, but the trees are starting to lose the blooms and just look like trees.

Walking in Heiwa Park on one of my regular walks last week I took a few quick photos. This week these are mostly gone, but I wanted to share the pictures from last week.